Thursday, November 21, 2013

Red Warp Excerpt 2

Red Warp launches on December 2nd and it is available for pre-order now at Apple iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Nook.   It will be released to Kindle, Sony, and everywhere Smashwords distributes to on the 2nd.

In a race against time the casualty can be your life
And here is excerpt 2:
Red awoke to someone shaking her violently.  She blinked trying to clear her vision.  Then she saw the glint of a gun shoved into her face.  "WHO are you!  And where are we?"  The man waved his gun around and shouted.  "Answer me!  I am not in the mood for games.  The building is gone, everything is gone!  Where are we!" 

Her vision finally cleared and she recognized him as one of the agents that came into the room right before she jumped.  He must have traveled with her.  This was a first.  She looked around then back at him. "I ... I ... I don't know," she stammered.

Suddenly they heard a sound.  An alien sound of something very large nearby.  Her blood turned to ice.  She went back all right, but far far too much.

The man looked around momentarily forgetting Red entirely.  "What in the world was that?!"

Red quickly shushed him.  "Shut up you moron or we will be a meal.  Now get off of me and put that gun away.  If it goes off we are dead."

"I want to--" he said with confused look.

"Okay let me try this again.  Do you want to live?"

He looked blankly at her for a second in a state of shock.  "Of course, what kind of question is that?"

"Then stop asking me stupid questions and do as I say and you might live to see tomorrow!  You got that?"

He nodded slowly and got off of her and she leapt to her feet.  She had been here before, and that was trying to see how far she could go.  Dang them!  If it wasn't for their interference in her concentration, the jump wouldn't have thrust them this far back!

The earth shook slightly as they felt a tremor.  A small one, almost imperceptible, then the next one ... stronger ... the then the next even stronger yet. 

"What is--"

Red covered his mouth.  "Shut up!  Do you want to get us killed?" she whispered.  "Now follow me and for goodness sake try to be quiet!"  He holstered his gun, she grabbed his wrist, and they moved as quietly as they could to a thick patch of very large foliage she could just make out in the dim light.  She jumped into the large ferns and pulled him in with her.  Their noses wrinkled as the ferns strong scent covered them.  Red just hoped it would be enough.  The earth shook again more violently this time as a giant foot of a Tyrannosaurus rex landed very close to them.  The beast looked around sniffing the air then leaned down to where they were hiding and sniffed again, looking confused.  His head bobbed up again as he looked around.  Then he put his snout down and began to push into the ferns when a loud sound froze him into place.  He raised his head and gave an angry retort to the air and took off in the direction of the challenge.

"That was--"

Red slapped her hand over his mouth.  "Do you ever shut up?" she whispered.  "Give it another minute or two then we can move."  After a few minutes, which seemed like hours in their cramped location under the ferns, she stood up.  "Should be clear now.  I am sure he took off after the challenger at full speed and won't be back now."

The man stood up his face glistened in the dim moonlight wet from sweat or the ferns, Red couldn't tell which.  "What was that?"

"Tyrannosaurus rex.  I am sure you have herd of them."

"Of course I have heard of them!  But they are long dead.  So are we on some kind of movie set?"

Red snorted.  "Don't I wish!"

"Well then where are we?"

Red glared at him as she sat down on a large rock nearby.  "Isn't it obvious?"

The man looked blank.  "No."

"Okay let me try this again, really really slowly.  That was a real dinosaur.  A Tyrannosaurus rex, now think for a moment.  What does that mean?"

"We went back in time?"

Red raised her arms looked to the sky.  "Thank you God, yes he can be taught!"  She lowered her arms and jabbed a finger in the man's face.  "Now if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be in this situation."

"Because of me?" He said placing a hand on his chest.  "I didn't do this to you!"

"You did!  You broke my concentration!  I came to try and help save your president, and what do I get?  People calling me insane and think I am a terrorist.  If I was a terrorist would I have been warning people?  You government types have no sense at all."

"We broke your concentration?"

"Yes YOU!  I should have normally spent a hour preparing for that jump, instead I had to do it blind.  I only wanted to jump a little bit not this freaking far!"

"And why do you keep saying we did this?  I didn't do this to you."

"You are with the FBI aren't you?"

"Well yes--"

"Well then, who are you?"  Red felt the idiocy of the question the second after she said it.

He stiffened.  "Agent James Moknkin!"

"Oh full agent eh?  And where is your access badge?"  She said pointing at his chest.

James looked down to see a ripped spot on his sport jacket where his badge once hung.  "Well looks like it was taken off by a whirlwind that someone else made!"

"And how long have you been there?"

"My first day, I--"

Red snorted and shook her head.  "Just great.  All the agents in the world and I get stuck with a trainee in the distant past!"

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