Monday, September 19, 2016

Nook Press goes free!

Nook Press has finally given authors a real price choice!  While it has always been possible to have a ebook set as free on the Nook platform, you had to go through a distributer.  If you used the Nook Press platform to add the book yourself, the lowest price you could set was $0.99.

Now that has changed.  I received a email today saying that Nook Press has added the ability for authors to set their books as free.  I have tested it and it does work.  Although, it may take a day or two for the change to be seen in the Nook store.

It certainly took them a long time to bring out this service.  While using a distributer worked, it took longer.  Sometimes weeks for the changes to propagate though to the Nook store.  Any change I made in Nook Press platform appeared in the store a few hours after I made it.  I have always liked the Nook platform, the hardware B&N made especially.  I don't like how B&N has managed it, they have made mistake after mistake.  This is the first positive change they have made in a long time.  Gives me a little hope for the platform.

In honor of the change and hope of the platform, my book Italian Fever is now FREE for a limited time (well once the Nook store updates in a few hours).