Friday, October 11, 2013

Red WARP Nears Release!

My next novel Red Warp has entered the final editing phase.  A few tweeks and I hope to have it published soon.  The cover is all done, and the ISBN is secured.  More details to follow.  :)

In a race against time the casualty can be your life

If you could travel through time with just your self and no machine needed, would you?

Meet Red, a woman with a amazing gift, the gift of passing though time and space without the need of any bulky equipment.  The places she has seen, the people she has helped will blow your mind.

Now meet James, just your average newly minted FBI agent minding his own business until he is thrust headlong into Red's world.  A world he didn't ask for, but one that hit him in the face full force.  Can they get along long enough to survive?