Saturday, November 16, 2013

Red Warp: Excerpt 1

Red Warp launches on December 2nd and it is available for pre-order now at Apple iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Nook.   It will be released to Kindle, Sony, and Smashwords on the 2nd.

In a race against time the casualty can be your life

And as promised, here is a excerpt:

She looked around the room and sighed flicking her long red hair over her shoulders as she stood up.  She knew that it would drain her beyond normal limits, already being so very tired, but there was little choice.  They would be back soon and then her time would be up.  They wanted her power, or thought her insane.  While most didn't really believe, they would soon!  And to think she came to help them!  She looked around the small room again.  She picked up the four heavy wooden chairs and placed them on the table that took up almost the entire space.

She sighed again and pulled the zipper of her skin tight black bodysuit all the way up, past her neck.  She hoped there was enough room.  She had never done it in such a small space before.  Looking off into the distance and with great concentration she began to run.  In a circle ... faster and faster.  Air began to swirl around picking up several papers that were on the table and flung them into the wind.  Faster and faster she ran.  "I must DO this!"  She muttered and increased her speed again.  One of the chairs flew off and were now following her swept up in the whirlwind.  A storm had formed.  A storm of her own making.

And with the crack of thunder a bolt shot from the center and the room reeked of ozone.  She increased her speed once more but began to feel the storm's draining effect and knew she was out of time.

With a loud KABOOOM that shook the whole building, a warp had formed.  A rip in the very fabric of space and time.  She knew there were only seconds before they came running in here.  The table cracked, splintered, fell in upon itself, and disappeared as the warp grew gaining strength.  A microsecond later the door burst open with armed men ready to do battle, but with the storm all they could do was hang on to the door frame as the great forces pulled them horizontal.

The warp was smaller than usual, but she could not go any more.  It was enough.  She ran for it and jumped into the angry swirl of color.  With a loud CRASH it closed in upon itself and instantly the wind died.  People and the chairs fell to the floor with a thud.

Stars in a multitude of colors streamed past her vision.  She knew they were not real stars but she was beyond what her mind could comprehend, making them look like stars.

As quick as it started, it stopped.  She fell to the ground on a soft patch of grass.  Gazing around she saw trees, lush streams and heard birds chirping in the background.  She knew it was not a matter of where she was but when.  She closed her eyes and muttered "I must rest" and fell into a deep sleep.

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