Friday, March 10, 2023

Amazon Drops Print Magazines

 I received a surprise email today from Amazon.  They have discontinued offering print magazines for sale.  Even more surprising they made effective as of yesterday.  Usually such decisions give you a little time before they take effect.

I have to wonder why, and how much longer they will continue to offer electronic versions.  Or if this is a simple push for more people to go electronic.  The sad thing is many of the print magazines I subscribed to through Amazon didn't have electronic versions.  

 I used their system to buy many different magazines over the years, and even sent gift subscriptions to others.  Their system was the best I had ever used with its built in reminder, ease renewal, or cancellation.  Years ago when dealing directly with a publisher, more than once I received TWO magazines instead of a renewal to my subscription.  It often took several phone calls to get that straightened out.  I never once had a issue with the any subscription placed through Amazon.

It is a real shame they are shutting this down.  There are quite a few magazines I never would have found if it wasn't for Amazon.  This service will be missed.