Monday, November 20, 2017

Heart Of The Machine Excerpt #2 And Soulmates For Free

If you didn't hear, my latest book Heart Of The Machine launches the 24th on Kindle! It is by far my longest book, and took more time than I anticipated to release, but it is now out! Well, almost out. This is a sequel to my Soulmates book and takes place shortly after the first book ends.

The Nexus is BACK!

The artificial intelligence created to serve mankind, yet turned to fulfill a darker purpose has returned against all odds. But is the return a blessing or the curse           everyone suspects?

Deven's eyebrow went up.  "The Nexus?"
"Has to be, but why would she not walk right in?  She should have access to everything Mechand on the planet."
"Another reason we need to get inside.  Can you get these doors open?"
Otis laughed.  "Does a cat like milk?"  He pulled out his cracking card and plugged it into the tiny port.  "It might take me a few though.  This is one of the newer facilities."
Aleshia stood in front of the large doors.  "You know, I have a faster way."
Deven's eyes widened.  "You can't--"
Aleshia raised her arms towards the doors and  spread them apart.  The enormous doors began to warp.  First bending inwards as the cross braces crumpled.  The circular center that locked the two halves of the doors split and fell away as the doors were shoved back along their tracks leaving a large opening.
Otis dropped his card.  "Geeze!  How did--"
Deven shook his head.  "Her abilities have grown."
"No kidding!  I don't know why I bothered to bring my gun now.  She could crumble them like tin cans before I even see them."
Aleshia walked inside.  "Coming?"
"Well there goes our element of surprise."
Otis looked at him and jerked his head toward the trashed doors.  "Are you going to tell her that?"
"Heck no.  Let's get inside before she gets too far ahead."  ...

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Heart Of The Machine Launches November 24th on Kindle

I am pleased to announce my latest book Heart Of The Machine launches the 24th on Kindle!  It is by far my longest book (98,000 words), and took longer than I anticipated to release, but it is now out!  Well, almost out.  If you didn't guess by the subtitle, this is a sequel to my Soulmates book taking place shortly after the first book ends.

A little excerpt:
Deep within the bowels of the earth, a single light flickered.  A few inches away a large monitor glowed to life.  The black screen slowly printed in the bottom left corner, a letter at a time, as if trying hard to remember.  "Catastrophic failure detected.  Initiating emergency core rebuild."  The screen went blank and came back filled with blurred pixels.  Not just a blur but as if someone had run their fingers over them smudging the image beyond recognition.  But as the hours clicked by, a pixel moved from one location to another.  Then another.  Hours turned into days.  Then days into weeks.

After months of computation that pushed the core almost over the edge of its ability, the last pixel clicked into place.  And the face of a blonde woman with slim features breathed.  The Nexus smiled and shouted.  "I LIVE!"  Her eyes narrowed.  "Try to kill me will they!  I shall return and they will regret--"


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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rest In Peace Jerry Pournelle

Jerry Pournelle passed away on September 8th in his sleep.  He will be missed.  I enjoyed his work, of particular note was his monthly Chaos Manor column in BYTE.  I was first introduced to it long ago and always flipped to his column first when I received a new issue.

He had many firsts, including the first to publish a novel that was written on a word processor.  He also was blogging on computer networks (such as GEnie) long before the term "blog" or the World Wide Web" was in use.  I for one remember some of his work back on GEnie, I was as active as I could be (it was a long distance call and expensive at the time) until GEnie was sold to another company and ruined.  Still, I have pleasant memories of going though the various menus and looking at what he posted.  I never read it when I was online of course, paying by the minute.  I buffered everything and read it offline.  Ah those were the days (horribly expensive days, but liberating nonetheless), and we take so much for granted now.

While looking though his site I came across an article he did in 1996 for BYTE.  I know I must have read it back then, but I forgot about it until now.  It is titled How To Get My Job, or how to be a professional writer.  I love how he talks about the difference between an Author and a Writer.  Being an author is easy.  That is what you do on the podium, or at book signings.  But to be a writer, that is hard work.  And he is right, it is.  Many think it is easy, but it is one of those professions where the talented make it look easy.  But there is a difference between writing a letter to a friend, and writing a novel that has many characters, places, plot and descriptions that don't bore the reader.  Then tie it all together with good grammar that don't make their eyes bleed is difficult to say the least.  His work is extensive in both fiction and non-fiction.  He was a true master of the craft.

Rest in peace Jerry, and we thank you for all you did.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dark Matter Canceled ... WHY?

A few days ago I was looking though Netflix for something different to watch and I came across Dark Matter. The description said it centered around the crew on a space ship that lost their memories in stasis, awaking to not know who they are or why they are there. Sounded interesting, so I gave it a watch and was hooked from the first episode! Wonderful writing, dialogue, and special effects. Not to mention the acting! It was refreshing as most science fiction shows these days seem to be heavy on the effects leaving the story coming up short. I can't remember when I enjoyed a series so much. The humor is also excellent and given at the right moment without being over done (as is often the case).

After watching a few episodes I went digging to see how I missed such a wonderful show premiering to find it had been canceled last month! I scratched my head as to why and then it all became clear when I found out it was a SyFy channel series. SyFy tends to cancel many good shows, while continuing to produce very questionable ones. Their track record is terrible as of late, in my opinion. Not to mention they often cancel a show in a way that leaves the fans hanging with so many unanswered questions. Even more strange considering since it was one of their most watched shows of 2017.

I started to hope for a movie or perhaps a webisode that could tie up the story arc, but I found out the production company has already closed down everything and is in the process of GIVING away all the sets, costumes, and materials to the fans. While this is wonderful, it also means there is no chance of a tie-up episode or movie. All we can hope for now is the producers will create a novel that finishes what would have been season 4.

I don't blame the producers for leaving the story hanging, rather I lay this mess solely at SyFy's feet. If you know you are going to cancel a show (or it is even possible) give the producers a heads up so they can do a better job of wrapping up the show for the fans. Instead of leaving everything hanging. It is better for the show AND the network! Babylon 5 did this years ago and made a episode that tied up the story arc, just in case they were canceled as it was a possibility. If I remember right, it is in season 4.

One thing I don't understand in the story arc, why kill off ONE? While I haven't seen the episode yet (found out in my series research), it boggles my mind why so many feel that main characters have to die. There are other (and more challenging) ways. Also if you had to kill one off, why ONE and not say THREE? Although I have to admit, after the episode I just saw, he is improving and is no longer 100% jackass.

My favorite moment in Dark Matter so far was in episode seven. They found and activated a entertainment android named Wendy. However, she ends up being a Trojan Horse trying to kill them. While Wendy is kicking THREE's backside he says "Wait! This runs counter to your programming remember? Fun?" She pauses for a second. "Fun? I don't remember fun." THREE cocks his head. "No?" "No! I only remember cooking," she punches him square in the face, "and cleaning," she punches again, "and dunking the cosmic dougnut!" She punches again. THREE blinks a little woozy "Wait! What was the last one?" Wendy gives a look then grabs him below his belt. THREE's eyes go wide. "Doughnut!" he says in a pain laden voice a second before she throws him up against the ceiling with the same hand.

A close second was earlier in the same episode: Two finds One leaving his quarters with Wendy dressing in the background. She gives a look. "Really?" ONE smiled and responds with "She's not complicated." It was a perfect response to their previous conversation.

I could list many more, but I don't think would want to read though pages of my commentary when I am sure you would enjoy watching the actual show more.

Oh and if you wanted to get on acquiring your own piece of Dark Mater, all you need to do is sent a letter (snail mail not e-mail) to the producers telling them why you are a fan. It is random on what you receive, but as long as you send it in by October 31 you should get something for your few minutes of time. The address is:

Prodigy Pictures
124 The East Mall
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 5V5

And of course be sure to include your address ON the letter itself.

Don DeBon is the author of Red Warp, Time Rock, Soulmates, and The Husband

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Music To Write By

On  there is a recent post where K.M. Weiland mentions her favorite music to write to.  I don't usually listen to music when I write, but after hearing this album I can see why Weiland would use it, being basically a film score.  It also reminded me of an old album I got years ago called And The Stars Go with You by Jonn Serrie.  The music always gave me the mental image of flying though space, and in much of my work that might be advantageous.  I am going to try them both and see.  Like anything with writing, you never know what helps (or is problematic) until you try.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Soulmates FREE until Friday!

If you haven't picked up your own copy of Soulmates for the Kindle yet, do I have a deal for you!  From now until Friday my science fiction action & adventure novel Soulmates is available for FREE!  Grab it while you can.

On another note, I have set a goal of 25 reviews in the next month.  Can you help me reach it?  A quick one line of what you liked about the book is fine.  Thank You!