Saturday, September 16, 2017

Music To Write By

On  there is a recent post where K.M. Weiland mentions her favorite music to write to.  I don't usually listen to music when I write, but after hearing this album I can see why Weiland would use it, being basically a film score.  It also reminded me of an old album I got years ago called And The Stars Go with You by Jonn Serrie.  The music always gave me the mental image of flying though space, and in much of my work that might be advantageous.  I am going to try them both and see.  Like anything with writing, you never know what helps (or is problematic) until you try.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Soulmates FREE until Friday!

If you haven't picked up your own copy of Soulmates for the Kindle yet, do I have a deal for you!  From now until Friday my science fiction action & adventure novel Soulmates is available for FREE!  Grab it while you can.

On another note, I have set a goal of 25 reviews in the next month.  Can you help me reach it?  A quick one line of what you liked about the book is fine.  Thank You!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stephen King's IT Returns

Stephen King's IT makes a return tomorrow in its first theatrical release. I haven't seen the film yet (obviously), but I do remember the 1990 miniseries quite well. If you didn't know, IT is about a monster that attacks and feeds on people (usually children) every 27 years before going back into hibernation. The original book was released in 1986 and was King's 18th novel written under his own name.

I have my doubts that Bill Skargard can do better as Pennywise than Tim Curry in the 1990 miniseries. Curry totally nailed it. But I am sure Skarguard does a wonderful job. King himself gives the new film high praise, even going to see it twice.

From all I have read, the new movie is very close to the original book. Well as close as you can get considering the book is over 1,000 pages. You can't fit all of that into a two hour movie. Or even a four hour one. Some aspects I was glad to see removed from the miniseries, others felt like a hole. But as I said, you simply can't fit such a large story in a short medium without making large changes. In general though, I think the 1990 miniseries was well done. I did find the very ending lacking, and apparently Tim Curry thought the same thing.

One thing is certain though, they left a lot out of the 2017 film, especially considering that it is only part one with a sequel now in the planning stages. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth as more and more films these days are going the continued route. But on the other hand, the story is so large in this case, I really can't see one doing it justice without splitting it onto two separate films.

It is interesting the World Clown Association is upset with King because they say he is killing their business with drops in bookings around schools for example. But the thing is, the book was written in 1986. It is not a new release, the movie being released tomorrow might be, but it is not a new idea or concept. If their bookings have been dropping for a while, I don't see how they can blame this story when the movie hasn't even been released yet. But like most issues, people like to point the blame towards anything that can bring them a few minutes of air time.

Whither you are a King fan or not, I am sure most people will get a thrill out this film by all accounts. I know I am looking forward to seeing it. If nothing else than to see what was done different this time around. Which, I suspect, is what the studio is banking on.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Free Sci-Fi and Fantasy books!

Free books!  Who doesn't like free books?  I know I sure do and right now there are several great giveaways going on.

First, Alasdair Shaw has got several authors together resulting in quite the offering.  If you like science fiction and fantasy, then take a look.  I'm sure you can find something you will like.

And secondly there is an even bigger selection selection of free books in the science fiction and fantasy category here.

I know my TBR pile has expanded a bit, but I am looking forward to every one of them.  And I am sure you will too.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Soulmates is now on Kindle Unlimited!

I am pleased to announce that Soulmates is now on Kindle Unlimited.  And of course if you don't have Kindle Unlimited, it is still available for only .99  Or if you prefer paper, it is still out in print editions at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or can be ordered by your local book store.

Mechands . . . everyone has one. The metal race built by man to serve our every need. But Aleshia is about to find out they are not the benevolent protectors that she has always been taught. And who is this strange man in her dreams? A man who actually exists and reveals the whole world is not as she thought.

The holo projector building shook as raw power flowed into the dish.  Building exponentially until a large beam shot up out of the center and hit the Mechand ship head on, blasting right though the middle section.  Time seemed to stand still as the beam rapidly increased in size until it was the full size of the building.  The ship hovered helplessly as if speared through the heart.  Then the beam grew in size again into a full conical blast that totally engulfed the ship.  Fire buried from the inside out in a ever expanding plume of destruction until it disintegrated as though it never existed.

"Wow."  Aleshia muttered under her breath. 

The building shook again but this time for a different reason.  The automated voice boomed over the speakers.  "Warning this facility will overload in two minutes.  All personnel must evacuate immediately!"

Deven grabbed Aleshia's hand.  "Time to go!" He said pulling her out of the building and towards her car.  The projector dish shook again, which reverberated out to the other buildings.  Signs and porches began to fall off.  Glass windows exploded under the strain. 

Aleshia looked up and saw different cars, large heavy lifting construction vehicles, and cargo haulers ascend into the sky and disappear like fireflies into the night as they engaged their overdrives.  The ground's ever increasing movement made it impossible to run by the time they reached Aleshia's car.

Deven hopped into the drivers seat.  "I am driving."  But the car refused to power on.

Aleshia pulled him out of the seat.  "No I am! The car is keyed to me, get in!"  She shouted pushing a button that popped the passenger door open as a building fell behind them.

"Okay you don't have to tell me twice!"  He said hopping into the passenger side, while she fired up the engine.  A moment later they were hovering up out of the complex.  "Um I don't mean to be pushy, but can this thing go any faster?"

"It is safer if I let the engine warm up a little before I apply full thrust."

"Look in a few seconds, if we are not away from here, we won't have to worry about anything ever again!"

Aleshia's eyes widened.  "You mean ... wait a sec how big of a blast is that thing going to put out?"

"I don't know, and I don't want to be anywhere around to find out okay?  So PUNCH IT!"

Aleshia nodded and hit overdrive dialing it to maximum.  They were slammed back into their seats with the sudden acceleration.  Just as the center holo projector reached critical mass.  Immediately it exploded in a ever enlarging fireball.  Microseconds later it engulfed the entire complex and continued to expand.  Fire lashed out at them, but they were just beyond range.  Red hot lava broke though the surface incinerating anything not already blasted and burnt beyond recognition.  Several large jets of lava shot up over two thousand feet into the sky with the pressure fully released, then came back to earth as large solidified rock  A new volcano was born.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The 99 cent sale!

It is 4th of July weekend and I have a special deal going on right now. ALL of my books are FREE or .99! If you have been waiting for a good moment to add that missing book to your library, now is the time! Also my next book Heart Of The Machine will be released soon. Watch this space for details!

UPDATE: The sale has been extended until the end of September!

Italian Fever is available at Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, and Overdrive!
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A real vacation. Crystal had looked forward to this for a long time. A little trip to Italy, relaxing on a cruise ship, being catered to and pampered. Something she has always dreamed of. But little did she know that it was going to turn out to be far more of an adventure than she had planned.

And now she is jet-setting all over the world with a man she just met for a technological discovery that could change the world as we know it. With evil hot on their heels, can she trust him? Her head says no but the heart says yes...

Red Warp the second edition is available for FREE at iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, Scribd, and Smashwords!  Or use the form on the right and I will email you a copy.
-In a race against time the casualty could be your life-
If you could travel through time with just yourself and no machine needed, would you? Meet Red, a woman with a amazing gift, the gift of passing though time and space without the need of any bulky equipment. The places she has seen, the people she has helped will blow your mind.
Now meet James, just your average newly minted FBI agent minding his own business until he is thrust headlong into Red's world. A world he didn't ask for, but one that hit him in the face full force. Can they get along long enough to survive?

Time Rock is  available at Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, and Overdrive.

Time Travel. Blessing or curse? One man thinks he has it all figured out but what began as a simple test has turned into a nightmare. With his equipment failing all around him, only Red and James can save him. Can they reach him in time? Get your copy today to find out!

 Soulmates is on SALE for $.99 for Kindle, and is in Kindle Unlimited as well!  It is also available in print at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or can be ordered by your local book store.

Mechands . . . everyone has one. The metal race built by man to serve our every need. But Aleshia is about to find out they are not the benevolent protectors that she has always been taught. And who is this strange man in her dreams? The man who actually exists and reveals the whole world is not as she thought.

The Husband is available in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Googleplay, and Smashwords editions. The print edition is available at Amazon, B&N, or anywhere books are sold.

Erin's Husband is not himself.

One night he returns from a walk in the woods a changed man.   He walks like him, talks like him, yet is very different. No one believes her, leaving Erin alone to find out the truth. Truth that could have dire consequences for the entire human race. What happened that caused him to change so radically?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Timeless Could Use More Time In The Typewriter

A while ago a friend mentioned a television series that she came across. Being that I like science fiction, I gave Timeless a try. I don't have cable TV, or in range of a over-the-air NBC station, however it is on the streaming service. But what I found was quite surprising for a well seasoned main-stream network. To put simply, it should have spent more time in the typewriter.

For starters, why don't they carry history data with them? With all the technology available these days, you could carry entire libraries inside the 'life boat' with ease. Then compare to see what has changed after each mission. It would also offer proof of what had changed, and make it easy to compare before and after. There could be so many changes that without such a real data comparison you would have NO IDEA what all had changed. To not have such a tool and to rely only on ones memory is absolute foolishness.  I can't imagine anyone making such a mistake. Certainly not after the FIRST trip and they see how things changed (that they knew of) when they failed to stop Flynn.

They talk about never being able to trod on their own time-line, yet Flynn seems to not have much trouble with it. He changes his history at will, while everyone else is left scratching their head. And being that one of the main characters is supposed to be some sort of history master, why can't she figure this out? She also vehemently refuses to change the time-line, until she doesn't and is willing to throw everything to the wind. Then she is back to not changing the time-line again.

Another thing, when you travel though time, it is instantaneous for those outside of the ship. Yet in the show they have several times where those outside of the ship are able to 'see' the time ship moving though time. That is a plot hole the size of a planet. You simply could not be watching the ship move though time and able to guide it home. That would work in ANYTHING other than time travel. Being able to send a message to your people in the future? Sure that is possible, but to have them guide you home while you are en route? Nope. Now if you could find a way to send them a beacon they can home in on, or find a way to transmit data to them. Sure that could work. But live, on-the-fly-guidance? Nope, not possible. What they should have done was have the note give something they can track, but didn't think of before. They figure it out in the future and activate the beacon signal. A micro second later POOF the time ship arrives. That is the only way it could work.

Also the people in the 'current' time period always seem to be aware of the passage of time during a mission. In reality, the 'life boat' would be POOF gone and POOF back a second later every time except the one episode where they got stranded due to sabotage. Sure they could set their destination to return a little later, but why would you? Even if they were doing it to match the 'mothership', why would Flynn not come back a few seconds from when he left rather than hours or days difference? There isn't any reason to, unless the machine is not that accurate, and we see time and time again they are very accurate in landing where and when they want. Not to mention even if they could see Flynn go back in time, wouldn't the mission be irrelevant at that moment? If he does go back and change history, those changes should be instant. No one in the current time period should even be able to tell what he did, it should all now true history as far as they know. Yet they get hours to prepare before going back to try to stop him? But when the 'life boat' does come back to the future, then the changes are instant? Talk about a huge plot hole.

Here's another problem: why don't they make another ship? Let's face it, at first the operation was a secret project owned by a business man with limited (although still very large) resources. But once the government is involved (and we assume that not all of said government is dirty as implied in the show) wouldn't they be building a new ship really really fast if the whole world is at stake? If nothing else, the 'life boat' fails then their team is stranded. Not to mention the 'life boat' wasn't built for continuous use, just to prove a theory, then later for rescue. The whole ship like it is about to fly apart every time they fire it up. Also you would want to send more people back to stop this mad man, a trained military team or such. Sure they can get clothes of every time and location, yet they won't build a new 'mothership' time machine and train a crew to assist them when they run into problems? Yeah, right.

Not to mention if they can track the time machines, why in the world can't they communicate with their team? If you know when they traveled back in time (and know roughly where the 'mothership' is), it stands to reason you are getting telemetry from the ships. And if you are getting that, why can't you also communicate though it? Granted it could be that they only know the most basic of information and nothing else. But still if something is being transmitted, then more should be able to as well. Or tell why it can't.

Another problem: the characters are not endearing. Forgive me, but I don't like any of them (well except for Anthony, but he isn't on very much). They all seem like a crazy batch of misfits that you don't care if they ever make it back. They also seem stiff to the point that you don't believe them at all. They are also constantly at odds with each other (lying again and again for example). Perhaps that changed later on in the series (I only watched about 7 episodes), but as a writer I know that you have to hook your reader/watcher from the start or they will go somewhere else. In my case, I only watched past the first episode because I have a great love of science fiction, and as a writer I wondered if they were going to make the mess any better. I'm sure that most people wouldn't have Well, unless you don't have Netflix or something similar that caries decent science fiction to watch.

One final odd aspect: the good guys are doing almost as much damage as the bad guys. Maybe it is me, but I think there should be able to do a better job. Especially for someone that is supposedly a history expert. Granted not everything is going to go according to plan (humans are often unpredictable), but still they should be able to do a better job than they are. And with the kind of changes that are being made, I tend to think the ripples would be far larger than what they are leading one to believe. For example, one person can make a huge difference, yes I agree. But sometimes that all has to do with the circumstances around that person at the time. Have them miss that one appointment, and they end up in a car wreck instead, which makes their son refrain from going into the space program causing the program to never occur. And if that never happens, guess what, no time machine. Events are so interwoven throughout our lives, you can't drive a huge truck though the time line and think that it won't all unravel.

Perhaps being a author of time travel stories makes me a harsher critic, but it would seem to me all of the points I have mentioned are 101's of writing time travel. Or at least logical conclusions. Most people can forgive small plot holes, but ones that resemble Swiss cheese and are large enough to drive a truck though is another matter.

Don DeBon is the author of Red Warp, Time Rock, Soulmates, and The Husband. Currently available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and other retailers.