Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Heart Of The Machine is leaving Kindle Unlimited Feb 21st!

Are you in Kindle Unlimited?  Do you have Heart Of The Machine on your to read pile?  If so, you might want to move it to the top as Heart Of the Machine is leaving Kindle Unlimited February

The Nexus is BACK!

The artificial intelligence created to serve mankind, yet turned to fulfill a darker purpose has returned against all odds. But is the return a blessing or the curse everyone suspects?

A gleaming form flew over the water en route to Bermuda.  The Nexus continued her flight over the calm waters, careful not to attract attention.  She approached the islands from the most uninhabited area and landed.  In the few minutes of the public network access she managed to find the exact location of Deven's rental.  Lacking Auto Nav, she reverted to the most basic navigation by the earths magnetic field.  It took some time to reach her destination and avoid being seen.

She had landed on one of the most obscure islands to the north.  The large cliff face blocked her arrival from anyone further down the beach.  Her limited scanners didn't pick up anyone in the area and she activated her normal hover system and glided towards the rental house.

The door had a good security lock, and would have blocked any normal person.  But the Nexus smiled, she is not any normal hacker.  She lifted her right arm with her left and the finger tip connector extended into its jack at a hidden location under the keypad.  After about three minutes it flashed an "access granted" on the display and a strong deadbolt lock could be heard clinking as it retracted.  She broke the connection, opened the door with her left hand, and hovered in.

The sheets on the bed were pulled back, but the rest of the place appeared unused.  A few sets of clothes still hung in the closet.  "Where could they be?" she muttered.  "They still have this rented for two more days, humans may be illogical but wasting such a valuable resource is not one of them."  She recalled what she had read about Deven and Aleshia, they were cautious and considerate.  Not the type that would rent a location and fail to use it.  Unless something had drawn them away.  But she couldn't imagine at the moment what could do that.

The Nexus ran several simulations and decided to wait here.  She hated to waste the time, but she didn't have a choice.  Nothing else would get her closer to what she needed.  Examining the small rental revealed few hiding spaces.  She finally decided on the generous old-fashioned bathtub that would accommodate her Mechand body.  She hovered into it, pulled the shower curtain closed, and shut down her systems to wait.

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