Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Heart Of The Machine Launches November 24th on Kindle

I am pleased to announce my latest book Heart Of The Machine launches the 24th on Kindle!  It is by far my longest book (98,000 words), and took longer than I anticipated to release, but it is now out!  Well, almost out.  If you didn't guess by the subtitle, this is a sequel to my Soulmates book taking place shortly after the first book ends.

A little excerpt:
Deep within the bowels of the earth, a single light flickered.  A few inches away a large monitor glowed to life.  The black screen slowly printed in the bottom left corner, a letter at a time, as if trying hard to remember.  "Catastrophic failure detected.  Initiating emergency core rebuild."  The screen went blank and came back filled with blurred pixels.  Not just a blur but as if someone had run their fingers over them smudging the image beyond recognition.  But as the hours clicked by, a pixel moved from one location to another.  Then another.  Hours turned into days.  Then days into weeks.

After months of computation that pushed the core almost over the edge of its ability, the last pixel clicked into place.  And the face of a blonde woman with slim features breathed.  The Nexus smiled and shouted.  "I LIVE!"  Her eyes narrowed.  "Try to kill me will they!  I shall return and they will regret--"


You can pre-order your copy HERE

On another note, I have teamed up with more authors to offer their work for FREE but only until the 19th!  Check them out over at  I grabbed a few I hadn't read before.  It is a great way to find authors you enjoy you might not have otherwise.  Enjoy!

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