Friday, August 28, 2015

A Glimer of Hope For Nook?

Things have not been looking good for Barns and Noble's Nook platform.  Between site problems, devices not selling well, closing the Nook international stores, and continual bad policy decisions (removal of direct download ability of books for example) it just keeps going from bad to worse.

However they haven't throw in the towel yet.  A new e-ink device is on the horizon.  The FCC has recently approved a new Nook device, and while most of the details are unknown, we do know it is model BNRV510, manufactured by NETRONIX, has Wi-Fi and a Li-ion 3.7Vdc,1500 mAh battery.

B&N is planning a store "refresh" September 3rd, this may or may reveal the new device.  However being that they do have several cases listed in their store (although without images or descriptions) it can't be much longer before the device is announced.

With this new development, I would guess that B&N is planning on keeping Nook going until at least after the Christmas season.  I think Nook Christmas sales numbers will either make or break the platform this year.  Regardless I still advise baking up your libraries with Nook for PC (google for it) and if you wish to ensure you can read your books in the far future, remove the DRM with Apprentice Alf's tools (google for it) via Calibre.

Don DeBon is the author of Italian Fever, Red Warp, and Soulmates.  Currently available on  Nook, iBook, Kindle, Smashwords, Oyster, Scribd, and Kobo.  

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