Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Italian Fever has been published for one year!

Italian Fever has been published now for one year, and in honor of this I have decided to mark the book as free for a limited time on Smashwords and Kobo!  And for .99 on Kindle and Nook.

Italian Fever has a little bit of everything: Romance, Action, Sci-Fi so it has hard to place in just one category.  Also the Sci-Fi aspect doesn't show itself for several chapters leading one to think it isn't actually Science Fiction.

I am pleased with the sales and I thank everyone who purchased my book.  And for those that have been asking, YES I am hard at work on my next novel.  I still have a few chapters to finish and editing to do, but it is mostly complete.  I hope to have it out before Christmas.

And until then, here is a little excerpt from Italian Fever:

"Ok," Riccardo said his fingers poised over the keyboard. "Here goes." He began keying in the long number sequence then added the unicode sequence as Crystal described.

A moment later they were greeted with "Passcode Accepted. Would you like to retrieve your account now?" Riccardo pressed "Yes" and the screen flashed "Thank you. Please stand by." A few moments later the four foot square door slid up and a robotic arm placed a three foot box on the platform under it. Then the arm retracted and the door closed.

The box was white except for the large black Z emblem on the top. Riccardo tentatively felt its weight, while heavy it was not extreme and placed it on the table. Upon opening the overlapping plastic cover flaps they found a cardboard shipping box almost as large. The second box contained large but thin stone tablet, a notebook and a small digital device of some sort. All were carefully packed.

"What is this?" Crystal asked picking up the small digital device. It was almost six inches long but very thin. Definitely something designed to be hand held.

"It is a small holographic video recorder he was working on. I know Terrance often made notes with it as well." Riccardo said as he looked at the device then frowned after gazing at its now lit screen. "There is only one file here, and it had to be right after I met with him." He pushed play and light flashed around the room slowly resolving above the table into the image of Professor Terrance Croorlheart looking very haggard and as though he had not slept in weeks. He spoke in heavy rough accented Italian voice.

"My friend, if you are seeing this then I have failed to bring to the world the greatest discovery mankind has ever seen. It has the potential to rewrite everything and change the course of human endeavors. I had hoped to show you this in person and have you help me, but due to people that want this discovery for selfish reasons I found myself needing to take flight. I can't get into the details of my discovery here as I do not have time. Nor do I trust that this location is that secure. I suspect I am being watched. I have been watched for weeks. Everywhere I go there they are. I can't seem to loose them. His reach is too great. I only hope you can do better than I."

"Wow." Crystal said in a hushed tone and Ricardo quickly put a finger by his nose for silence.

"I am sending my notes, this recording and the center item that started all of this to Zero." The Professor continued. "It should be secure there until you can retrieve it. I will get the key to you somehow. Please take good care of this. I know you will. I am only sorry I couldn't show and explain it to you in person. God Speed my friend." And with that the hologram dissolved into random light beams before disappearing entirely.

Crystal picked up the thick notebook with its well used cover and carefully leafed though its pages. Many of its pages had seen heavy use. "It is all in Italian." She said handing the book over to Riccardo.....

Like what you see?  Then head on over to Smashwords, Kobo for your free copy.  Or Kindle and Nook for .99 but keep in mind that Smashwords does carry formats that will work on a Nook Or Kindle device.  You can also download the books directly using a web browser on a tablet device such as the Kindle Fire or Nook Color, Tablet, HD or HD+

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