Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello There, Dear Reader

Who am I?  Well I have been writing on and off for years.  Back in the early 90's I had encouragement from friends and relatives (and a few minor/unmentionable awards) to try having my work published.  But after numerous rejections I just went back to writing for my own pleasure.  I had thought about self-publishing (at the time more often known as vanity press) but it was far too expensive.  Not to mention I lacked faith in my work to try it due to all the rejection notices.  Sadly much of my early work does not survive today.

Then the one special lady in my life convinced me to take up my pen again and try self-publishing.  Ebook's have changed he industry radically from the days when I was looking at publishing.  There is even Print On Demand for those that want a DTB (Dead Tree Book) version where the only time the book is printed is when someone actually purchases it.  Hence no risk to the author/publisher.  Oh how I wish this was available back then.

But I degrees, due to my special lady's support (and convincing) my first book has been published!  Italian Fever was started it last November and it was completed by the end of April.  Then after editing and polishing I published it in August.  I had hoped to have it out sooner than that, but you know how life can be.  Regardless it is out now and here is a little excerpt:

"Alright you to know what to do," Riccardo said as he gave his guards the suite key.

"Yes Sir. We will catch up with you later. Good luck." The one guard said as he shook Riccardo's hand.

Riccardo nodded grabbing Crystals hand as they bolted for the deck above. It wasn't even a deck, but rather a small maintenance platform above the suite and the highest point on the ship. By this time the helicopter was close enough for them to feel the strong wind of the beating blades, smell the exhaust raining down on them, and it was starting to get difficult to talk over the roar of the engine.

"Are you ready?" Riccardo shouted.

"No!" Crystal shouted back. "But I will do it anyway."

"Ok they will be lowering the cable in a second. I will hook it to your harness and they will activate the winch pulling you up. Then they will lower it back down for me. You don't have a thing to worry about." Riccardo shouted as the cable lowered. He was just about to connect it to the large reinforced ring on Crystals back when a spark flew off of a rail very close to them. Riccardo turned to see a man holding a gun straight at him. He knew they were sitting ducks in this position. There was no cover and if they ran there would be no second chance at this. He couldn't imagine how the man missed unless the strong wind threw off the bullet's trajectory just enough. Benton only hired the best and there was no way a second shot would miss.

Just then the man was tossed over the side and fell hundreds of feet to the water below. Crystal saw one of Riccardo's guards waving.

"Just GO! We will take care of this!" He shouted still waving, then turned to see another man running up the stairs, obviously a backup for the first. The guard then flung himself at him in a tackle maneuver taking them both out of Riccardo's view.

"Ok!" Riccardo shouted. "Change of Plan!" He said grabbing her from behind and hooking the large clasps of his harness with her own.

"What?" Crystal shouted back but he didn't have time to respond as they were both lifted off the platform at once as the helicopter rose in the sky.

If you like what you see, then by all means check it out at the following retailers:

Barnes and Noble (Nookbook)


Amazon (Kindle)


Currently only available in Ebook format, it will soon be out in Print On Demand as well.

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